The We Don’t Know Yet (WDKY) podcast informs a collaborative platform where people can live smarter, healthier, and bolder lives. Founded in 2018, WDKY’s objective is to quell our collective fear of the future. We may not have all the answers today, and that’s OK! We will learn something new everyday and discover solutions together.



As a project manager, entrepreneur, and co-host of the WDKY podcast, Brian intends to be a master of many crafts. Hailing from Sacramento, CA by way of the Democratic Republic of Congo, he hopes to use WDKY to highlight the shared narratives between us all.



Nsima is a drug-free professional bodybuilder, elite level powerlifter, martial artist, and most recently, co-host of the WDKY podcast. Coming from a Nigerian household, he hopes to use WDKY to engage real people around topics that feed the body, mind, & spirit.