The We Don’t Know Yet (WDKY) Podcast is a place where you will learn something new everyday. Knowing where to begin can be daunting for some, so below we’ve broken our podcast into a few distinct categories.

Book Breakdowns

If you’ve been interested in a specific book, we may have read it already! In this section we talk about the main points in these books and break them down into digestible, actionable packages. Our aim is to create summaries that provide you with life knowledge that you can put into practice as soon as possible.


On WDKY, our aim is to interview high performing individuals in a breadth of fields and learn what habits, techniques, and beliefs make them great. In turn, we will break these interviews into digestible chunks and tease out patterns that we all can relate to in our everyday lives.


Are you interested in tools to allow for better productivity or life improvement. These episodes will highlight some of these tools that we have found useful.


Are you short on time and want a bite sized informative episode? Take your pick from the shows below!