S1 Ep 1 - To School or Not to School Pt. 1

  • Brian discusses his reasons for pursuing higher education. Does your career necessitate a bachelors, masters or doctorate degree?

  • Debt is a big point of contention for many millennials going to college today. Protect your GPA by all means necessary! FAFSA is your best friend.

  • Know what you are in school for. Make a plan and execute. Take advantage of leadership roles in campus life, internships, and mentoring. But don’t miss the opportunity to relax, explore different areas of yourself, and enjoy your undergraduate experience.

As Tim Ferriss once said, “Being busy is a form of laziness”. For those of us who don’t prioritize things in their lives, it is easy to get overwhelmed with everything that life brings our way. College is the same way. To succeed in college, I’ve found that I thought about time.

Time ownership refers to controlling one’s schedule. Time management refers to managing the time left over after others have had the chance to dictate your schedule.

Why should I go to College?

Derek Newton, Forbes contributor (tweets linked below)

“ … a college graduate is 177 times more likely than a high school graduate to earn $4 million or more throughout their lifetime.”

The typical college graduate will earn roughly $900,000 more than the typical high school graduate over their working lives.

Keys to Thriving in College

  1. Be very forthright about finding avenues of Income. How can i get as much money as You can to pay for school. FAFSA, grants, scholarships, fellowships, work study, research positions, and the old fashioned get a job!

  2. Don’t be comfortable. If getting a loan isn’t essential for school fees, don’t do it. Securing a loan to buy clothes or shoes will kick you in the butt later. Don’t take on debt for no reason.


I did have an individual, an architecture professor, who taught at CPP and extended her architectural insights to me. Her advice, take a leave of absence for a year and come back next year. Work and live then I’ll be more than equipped to graduate. Truthfully, I was too scared to take that chance.

Applied to Columbia University for the MPA in Development Practice program. I didn’t get in.

(Why did I delude myself into thinking it was a doctoral program?)

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